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What inspires your essence? What is your life’s purpose? How do you want to leave your mark on the world? Helping people find their own answers to these questions is what truly fulfils me.

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My passion for people came to me at an early age. I’m fascinated by the ways people interact, and how empathy can help us connect as humans, regardless of our cultural background.


My fondest memories from school always relate to activities I shared with my friends. I loved to organise group activities – from artistic gatherings to study groups. I learned that we can combine activities that help us grow with the joy of being together. I noticed that these activities made our group stronger and more united. That gave me a lesson in life that remained with me until today.

My passion for Human Relations led me to specialise in the Sociology of Culture and Communication, in the IUL-ISCTE, in Lisbon. It allowed me to better understand how rich our cultural and social fabric is.

I worked as a social researcher at the university research centre (CIES-ISCTE). Some projects included: Ageing in Portugal; The economic value of the Portuguese Language; and the Evaluation of the Commissions for the Protection of Children and Young Adults.



Although I loved my job, I also felt something was missing. I wanted to give my contribution to make the world a better place. That’s when I started to look into Personal Development and Self-Knowledge. Here I found my purpose in life. I now could impact more lives by combining my experience in sociology with my expertise in personal development. And, thus, I became an Integrative Lifestyle Consultant.

Photo by Valdemaras D.

When I close my eyes, I can easily recall images of women gathered in a circle. We are all laughing. These are memories of my childhood, and they always make me smile. A time when I used to gather my girlfriends for study groups. I wasn’t aware at the time, but I was giving my first steps towards my interest in female empowerment. Today, my mission is to help other women unleash their true potential.

I was fortunate to have helped create many projects alongside powerful women. One of which was a line of innovative clothing that combined a sophisticated design with comfort and elasticity. A set of versatile pieces for both casual environment and sports performance.

I was born on a small island called Madeira. It’s a paradise, I tell you. A place you can dance in the rain, smell wildflowers, swim in the ocean, run up mountains and walk barefooted among nature.

Madeira embroidered me with a deep connection with Nature, and, yet, I always find myself living in cosmopolitan cities. Perhaps because I always felt curious about the world, and yearned to discover new places, new cultures. That’s why at age 18––and with nature tattooed in my soul––I embarked on a journey that took me to Lisbon, Paris and London.

Photo by Valdemaras D.

Dance, painting, haute couture… different worlds that, for me, converge in beauty. And that fascination has made me dream and long to be close to those realities. That is why I developed my thesis on the Lives of Dancers. 

My research took me to Paris where I submerged myself  in the masterpieces of Monet, Van Gogh, Degas… but also Dior, Chanel and the all Haute Couture Parisian ambiance. This inspired me to deepen my understanding of Luxury. So I enrolled in the Product Marketing and Luxury Service Programme in Lisbon.

I believe that art, beauty and luxury have their maximum expression in human behaviour. They are fundamental in the way I see the world. That’s why I decided to work with a methodology that privileges what it means to be Human, what it means to be fulfilled and what it means to be connected with other Humans.


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