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Join the #Lifestyling Movement

We will help you start your journey into a healthy and pleasurable diet. One that fits your Lifestyle. And if you are already Plant-Based we can fine-tune your nutrition to ensure you have all that you need.


You will undertake a personalised four-step programme well supported by an experienced nutritionist. Make the transition to a Plant-Based Diet following simple principles and using foods that you love and with confidence. 


This phase is composed of an initial conversation to ascertain your lifestyle and nutritional goals, your strong points, favourite foods,  as well as stress factors that may be hindering your progress. An excellent opportunity to clarify any doubts you may have regarding this exceptional diet.


Also, to collect and analyse data: history, medical exams, anthropometrics, laboratory exams, if needed. 

In this exciting phase, you will start your nutritional journey into the Plant-Based universe. You will explore new possibilities, flavours, aromas and alternatives.  And because every person is unique, we will design a diet that perfectly aligns to your specific needs, and that is fun to put into practice.


Also, lifestyle hacks to help you create a virtuous circle — where lifestyle and nutrition combine to ensure the successful implementation of your diet.

Once equipped with all the information and resources you need, you will move to the implementation phase. Here we will focus on the practical aspects of your diet (and how it fits into your lifestyle) such as cooking, managing social pressures, finding the best ingredients, managing and planning your meals, etc.

You are not alone in this process. In this phase, your feedback is essential. I will follow-up on your progress and be there to fine-tune or make any further adjustments needed during your journey.


Also, the accountability factor will further guarantee that you get closer to your goals.


The sessions can be fully delivered from a distance, everywhere in the world, online on a one-to-one basis. Every client is taught individually – via Skype.


The sessions can be delivered at your home or office on a one-to-one basis.


Group sessions and cooking classes are also available.




My passion for health, food and helping others is something that has been with me all my life. That is why I dedicated more than a decade to scientific and nutritional studies alongside personal development...

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