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After graduating as a certified nutritionist in Europe, I packed my bags and embarked on an adventure that took me to the other side of the Atlantic. I wanted to challenge myself and further expand my expertise in nutrition. I ended up doing a master degree in oncology and researching the correlation between Diet and Cancer, in one of the major Cancer Centre in Latine-America.





My passion for health, food, and helping others is something that has been with me all my life. That is why I dedicated more than a decade to scientific and nutritional studies alongside personal development.

Although I specialised in clinical practice, with all its scientific specialisation, I felt something was missing. I believe that any unilateral approach to nutrition is insufficient. I felt the need for a more integrated strategy that could take into consideration lifestyle factors as well. That is why I specialised in personal development (DeRose Method)  to give my clients more than just a diet plan but also important elements such as stress management, emotional intelligence and other strategies for a positive lifestyle change.

“Know all the theories, master all the techniques, but as you touch a human soul be just another human soul.”

Carl Jung

You are a unique individual, with specific goals, needs and wants. My job is to find the best combination of techniques and resources available to help you achieve your goals. The key is personalisation.


I can help you move more confidently to a healthy vegetarian or plant-based diet. Or if you are already plant-based, I can assist in fine-tuning your diet.


Explore the importance of choosing the best ingredients to add more pleasure, flavours and colours to your plate. Your diet can be an excellent catalyst for change and improvement. It can help start a process of personal growth that far extends your nutrition. 

Since I started applying the DeRose Method’s concepts and techniques, I noticed a more effective success rate with my clients. They achieved far more than expected. It brings me great joy to have a positive impact in people's lives. Lifestyling was thus created to share all of this expertise with you.

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