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Join the #Lifestyling Movement

Your nutrition should not only give your body what it needs to perform at its best but also render you with emotional fulfilment and mental clarity. We propose a more organic approach to dieting that considers your lifestyle in parallel with your nutritional plan.


We will help implement a system tailored to your needs; that is practical, intuitive and easy to implement. Also rich in flavours, colours and aromas...


Discover what makes Plant-Based so powerful and what is behind all the hype that is prompting thousands of people worldwide to change their diet.


A well-designed diet (alongside healthy lifestyle strategies) will help you feel better, recover faster and boost vitality and health, thus preventing the majority of chronically diseased. Our mission, however, is to take you beyond prevention and help you feel pleasure in a diet that will give you the edge in life.




A four-step personalised programme well supported by an experienced nutritionist, to help you transit to a Plant-Based Diet following simple principles and using foods that you love.


We will help your journey into a healthy and pleasurable diet, no matter where your starting point is 

For those taking the first steps towards a plant-based diet and want specialised guidance throughout the process.


And for those who want to build a solid foundation of knowledge and practical know-how to ensure the transition is harmonious and pleasurable.

For those who already started to introduce plant-based concepts in their diet. However, they want an extra degree of precision in their nutrition. It's designed for those who have full and busy lives and want to make sure they have all they need from their diet.

This is the most specific and personalised programme. It is thought for those who have very special demands or needs. It will be totally designed for every situation and if needed with a multidisciplinary team, going to the extra mile to make sure you have what you need, and more.


This is ideal for everyone that is more demanding and feels it needs even more personalisation, or athletes or highly active people, that demand a lot from their bodies and minds, those who have a specific medical condition that needs extra care or also for those who require a personalised programme of purification and detox of their bodies.

"We are more than

just a digestive track."

Prof. DeRose

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My passion for health, food and helping others is something that has been with me all my life. That is why I dedicated more than a decade to scientific and nutritional studies alongside personal development...

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