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Online Sessions
Mind + Body + Emotions
The Power of Lifestyling
From the Comfort of Your Own Home

We combined everything you need in one place, so you don't need to waste any time, energy and money searching for things that don't quite work.

And the best part? Everything is connected and integrated (body + emotions + mind). That means you will experience a more exponential progress. 

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Individual Packs

Physical Intelligence

Mindfulness & Meditation

Stress & Emotional Management

 Complete Programme

Body + Mind + Emotions

+ Nutrition + Relational Skills

All Integrated For You

Whether you decide to go through the complete program or choose a module that better suits your current needs, expect engaging and dynamic sessions (we don't like boring stuff) delivered by top experts, with many years of experience.

Choose a Module that better fits you

Boost your vitality & physical performance

We want you to not only get in shape but also feel great, healthy and connected to your body. Expect a one stop full body and mind workout, that will leave you feeling invigorated and with your batteries recharged.


Keep a Clear Head

Amid Challenging Times

Have you ever felt confused with all the conflicting styles of meditation? Are you tired of impersonal apps, or feel like your meditation isn't progressing as much as you would like? You're not alone.


We will guide you through the whole process, to help you choose the meditation that works best for your personality. 


Make the process of mastering your mind an enjoyable venture and feel calm, cool and collected.

Cope with pressure & unexpected situations

The way you feel impacts your immune system. By working on your nervous system you will help your body and brain to better deal with external pressures, stress, conflicts and unexpected situations, while still improving the way you feel.

Expect to improve your ability to be productive and stay serene despite unstable scenarios. 

Manu Studio.png
Emanuel Ruivo

Lifestyling Creator

Integrative Meditation

Performance & Physical Intelligence

DeRose Method

Mite Studio.jpg

Lifestyling Founder

Plant Based Nutritionist

Emotional Intelligence

DeRose Method

Screenshot 2020-01-06 at 19.29.31.png
Andrea Miguel Freitas

Lifestyling Co-Founder

Intentional Life &

Personal Fulfillment

DeRose Method 

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How About Combining Everything in One Integrated Lifestyling Programme? 

A tailor made programme with the best integrated tools and strategies.


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