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Mind + Body + Emotions + Nutrition​ + Interpersonal Skills

All Integrated


Our mission is to inspire people to do more for themselves, for others and for the planet.


 We are Mité, Andrea and Emanuel. We are three passionate consultants that came together to share an ideal: Self-knowledge and better lifestyle choices can make a difference in the world.



For us, Lifestyle is more than a trend. It's a creative process. A way to reinvent ourselves. An expression of our full potential. We achieve this by upgrading our diet, physical wellbeing, mental focus, emotional expertise and our human relationships. 


We embraced this adventure because sharing is caring and, for us, sharing is the best way of learning.


These are our values:


An expanded view of beauty


Beauty transcends Art. It's also expressed in our behaviour. In the way people interact. We see beauty in lifestyle, particularly when all its pieces come together in harmony.

For us, beauty is also bold and philosophical. It covers all spheres of life, from personal creativity to social-emotional skills.


We want beauty to be present in the way we express our vision for Lifestyling.

#Behaviour #HumanRelationships #LifeStyle #Conceptual Art #NewLuxury


For us, people matter. We believe in good Human Relations, Empathy and Emotional Intelligence. As well as the power of group flow and meaningful collaborations––that spur the best in us.


Someone once said, “In the journey of life we don’t make new friends, we reencounter them,” and that’s what we felt when we all met – Mité, Andrea and Emanuel.

We all share the passion of working with people, and rejoice when the things we do have a positive impact in people’s lives.

#Socio-Emotional #Empathy #Love #Self-Knowledge #EmotionalProficiency #GivingBack




As a driving force for Personal Development


Starting a new project, like Lifestyling, requires many hours of work, dedicated effort and relentless motivation. We see these challenges as a powerful driving force. It's what makes us wake up excited to start a new day. We are passionate about making self-improvement an empowering and enjoyable journey. Enjoyment can spur a positive change in the world.

When we tap into our passions, we bring about our true potential and an endless source of vigour. We know that a healthy diet, for example, is not enough, if it doesn't also provide pleasure; the same goes with other aspects of our development: from the way we exercise our body, the way we manage emotions (instead of repressing), the way we prompt Self-discipline instead of imposed discipline, etc. 


This is what motivated us to create Lifestyling Projects.

#Freedom#Non-repression #Pleasure 

#Positivity #Example #Passions


In a hyper-connected world, like the one we live in, Integration is the key to success. It not only saves us time, energy and money, but also brings more synergy into our lives. The body can improve the mind, while the mind improves the body. It is the same with our emotions, our nutrition and social interactions, etc. 


At lifestyling, we apply this in our own lives and hope to inspire others with our example. 

#OrganicLifestyle #Integrity #Synergy 



The biggest differential in Personal Development isn't the tools we have, but how well they integrate into our Lifestyle. We are as good as our Lifestyle allows us to be.


We wanted a concise word that could describe what we were doing: helping people improve lifestyle. Where high-performance doesn't sacrifice quality of life––and to help discover themselves in the process. 

The word "lifestyling" came, initially, as a provocation––we "upgraded" the passive noun, 'lifestyle,’ and turned it into a verb. This represents the passage from a passive state into an active experience. The action of 'styling' life. 

Lifestyling, therefore, is the ability to craft one's own Lifestyle through proper nutrition, good health, good fitness and a good mind––and by exploring the synergy between these elements.


Lifestyle is a proactive process.


Crafting an optimal Lifestyle is a complex process––although a fascinating one. It requires extensive research and constant practice to continuously hone our skills. That’s why we're always travelling to learn with best mentors and experts. 


We believe mentorship is a great force for improvement. That’s what we want to inspire in our mentees.


We are proud to have found a skilled Mentor for ourselves, Prof. DeRose. He is a writer, lecturer, and businessman. He has authored more than 30 books published in countries such as the United States, France, Spain, Argentina, Brazil and Portugal. He celebrates, this year, 60 years of experience as a behavior consultant in the area of soft-skills and social-emotional abilities. He's also a dear friend for many years.


In 2016, Mité and Emanuel arrived in London. The bustling streets and the myriad of cultures and languages felt like home.


Andrea joined us in 2018, inspired by an insightful conversation in Paris.


In London, we feel like we are living in a sample of the world––everything has a global tint. This was the perfect backdrop for our new venture.


Lifestyling Creator

Integrative Meditation

Performance & Physical Intelligence

DeRose Method


Lifestyling Founder

Plant Based Nutritionist

Emotional Intelligence

DeRose Method


Lifestyling Co-Founder

Intentional Life &

Personal Fulfillment

DeRose Method 

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