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Styling Your Best Version


That music, hot chocolate, the project, laughter with friends, the perfume of a flower, the sound of the sea ...


We believe that Style is when you draw that sparkle in the eyes and create a kind of language, a refined Communication, that makes each human Being Unique.


"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak."

Rachel Zoe

​A Revolutionary Journey

Yes, we believe that a Style is a form of self-expression, a kind of language, a refined communication. But, who are you? What kind of message are you sharing today? What kind of message do you really want to share?


Styling Your Best Version is an invitation to a revolutionary journey, an exquisite experience of meeting your inner Style and expressing it in the world.


It is a personalised programme where you will learn practical tools of self-knowledge that allow style and image choices appropriate to you and the specifics of your daily life, generating comfort, confidence and empowerment.

Styling Your best version is a dive into your Essence, decoding your Internal Style and the clear communication of the same through your Image.


A path through Epigenetics, by the hand of the DeROSE Method, aims to develop your full potential and express your best version. A journey of power that draws the operational manual of your life to imprint the world in an inspiring way.



First Step - The Foundations

Styling Your Best Version is a personalised programme consisting of three phases.

The first step consists of the journey of self-knowledge. Here we understand your aspirations, needs, and doubts.

The path is a journey to build strong foundations of your Inner Style and how you express it, deep-diving into the crucial things for yourself, your talents, choices, purpose and goals.

Second Step - The Alchemy

After building the foundations of your Style, we move on to Alchemy, to its expression through non-verbal communication: clothes, accessories, hair, make-up and behaviour. Here you learn to choose the design, colours and textures that express your LifeStyle and enhance your characteristics, learning to construct your looks. Each piece selected has a meaning according to your values, talents and goals, describing the work of art that is You!

Third Step - Expression of Style from the inside out

Now with more self-knowledge about your Internal and external Style (colours, textures, designs), it's time to express your best version from the inside out through behaviour and the looks you select in your daily life. 


It is the moment to go through life more confidently and comfortably, optimising time, stress and wardrobe. Here the accompaniment is close for any doubt and improvement.

How does it work?


Styling Your Best Version is an Exclusive Journey. Access is by Invitation (Recommendation). The sessions ate personalised and confidential. 


The number of these sessions varies according to the specificities and objectives of each experience. Minimum of 5 sessions.


Because each Human Being who is part of Styling Your Best Version becomes part of our DNA, accompaniment remains close. So whether it's to answer any questions that arise, have a cup of tea, or remind you that self-knowledge is an ongoing process... see you soon!




"Before I met Andrea, I wasn’t sure about what I wanted to do with my future. I was stuck in the same job that I hated for 3 years, then I met Andrea and we instantly connected. When Andrea realised my potential, she started pushing for me on almost a daily basis."


Business and Event Management 


"Intentional Life sessions with Andrea revealed my key skills and strengths while highlighting wich values are most important to me. Through her guidance, I now feel able to embrace life in the fullest possible way.
Thank you, Andrea!



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