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Physical Intelligence

Good shape is an interesting concept. For us is the attitude that we assume to do everything the best way possible in our lives. It's about feeling great, invigorated, being healthy and connected to our body.

Learning to release our body physically can also prompt the release of psychological tension and stress. Those tensions are ubiquitous due to the increased pressures we all face daily. Building a good shape means release tensions, increase energy levels and recharged batteries. Let's find out how.

No pain, no gain!


Our body is unique. Our proposal opens a new vision about developing a good shape: evolving with pleasure, respecting your body, doing baby steps but consistent ones. The idea is to feel comfortable and persistent, building a different type of discipline. That will make you grow more than if you try doing something challenging, feeling pain.

Tips for achieving a good shape

- Hold one second per day

Start some exercise that you would like to improve. Start holding it one second. The next day holds two, and so on. By the end of the year, you can perform it for 365 seconds.

You will metabolize because it's comfortable.

- Push your body but don't force it.

Push your body without forcing; you are not supposed to be sore the next day.

We want power, energy, vitality, so you should feel with more energy after the practice.

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