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Stress Management & Well-being

In our view, stress is the energy that allows us to adapt to changes. That energy is essential to transmute and carry out. The alert comes when life challenges are more significant than the individual resources, creating tensions and anxiety. When that happens, it is crucial to act.

Under pressure, the tendency is to respond with more productivity as that squeeze increase until one day we reach the peak of the curve. From then on, our productivity starts to decrease exponentially. For example, a doctor works overtime in the context of a pandemic. If he spends a day without sleep, he will probably respond to professional requests appropriately. Still, if he spends a week with a lack of sleep, his performance and quality of life will decrease considerably.

The magic of the process is to increase individual resources to deal comfortably with the challenges that arise.

All human beings have a certain level of biological resources (physical, energy levels, emotional and mental structure). And we are likewise exposed to different levels of pressure. When we feel that we are not with biological capacity (physical, emotional or mental) to respond to requests, we can say that we are on the downward stress curve. There are two possibilities: reducing the pressure level, choosing a more peaceful life, for example, a permanent move to the countryside, or the one that we recommend: increasing the resources to deal effectively with day-to-day challenges.

Breathing, relaxation techniques, meditation and mindfulness are highly effective tools to generate this alchemy. Another powerful tool to manage stress is to be more aware of our choices. When we choose according to what bring us fulfilment, we reinforce our biological structure, reducing stress levels.

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